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Reasons Why You Should Use Full Face Snorkel When Diving

A mask that can cover the whole of your face including the mouth is the full face snorkel mask. It does not need to use external regulator and mouthpiece, assisting you to breathe like you would on land.

At times, people may think that only diving professionals or the military should use full face mask. This was true sometimes back but these days full face masks have become popular with recreational divers and sports for various reasons. Similar to almost any new gadget or technology, it is not expensive and then it is simple to use the product since it has been in the market for some time.

A full face snorkel mask can actually be an advantage for a beginner. You breathe normally when you put it on.These masks are also good if you have problems with sore jaws or mouth from holding on to snorkel. Full face snorkel masks provide an alternative to men with mustaches since they do not have to shave them. There will be an opening for men with beard to be comfortable with the mask.

Full face snorkel masks are not affected by fogging since they have a system of air flow. Though like any other mask, it should always be clean.Besides, avoid using toothpaste to prevent the mask from fogging.

You can be able to see clearly with the use of full face snorkel masks. Your visual space is larger thus it is easy to see beside and below you compared to traditional mask. Moreover, the mask will offer protection against cold water, pollution, and anything else a normal face mask cannot shield you from as it covers the whole face.

Full face snorkel masks have many straps that make them more safe and hard to come out. If you have heart attack or you have any other type of medical emergency you should not fear about your regulator falling out of your mouth.Your full face snorkel mask will continue to provide you with air.

You can still communicate with other divers with the use of full face snorkel mask.You only need to buy a full face mask with communications integrated or add accessory that helps in communication. When you come across something amazing or you are in an emergency you should not communicate with your hands.

Kids can also use full face snorkel mask since it is appropriate for everyone.It’s not necessary to reserve a lung full of air to clear the snorkel out or any fear of swallowing water.

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