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5 Things to consider when hiring a maid agency

5 Things to consider when hiring a maid agency

In the current busy world, it is very hard to find time for some of the most important things in life. We can only imagine how tough it is to, therefore, find time for our everyday home duties. This is why hiring maid in Singapore is becoming the norm in every home. Hiring a maid lessens our daily struggles by conveniently helping us keep our home cleaner making our family healthier. But the problem comes in when choosing which maid service is best for us. Since we are bringing a total stranger to our home, it is just natural to have worries. So how will we decide on which maid services to choose? To help you, we have come up with some guidelines that will help you make a good decision.

Here are 5 tips for choosing a maid agency

Our family needs

The first things we need to consider before we go searching for a maid agency is to know what our family needs are. Ask ourselves if we need someone who will just do general work or look after our children or elder parents. This is because not all candidates will have the necessary skills to do just anything. For example, if we just need someone to help with the general work, we can opt for a part time cleaner which is much cheaper.


One of the best ways of getting starting points is asking around for recommendations. It is good to find and hire a helper who is recommended by a trusted friend. Although this proves very effective, it is advisable to be careful of gross generalizations. Also, the agency may fit with our friend’s family but not ours. But when you get one and decide to use its services, now do your research on the agency.


Customer reference is one of the things we should request for when hiring an agency. Always remember to ask for references and work history. Ensure that we request for customer references which should be always available. This gives you an opportunity to contact them so that we get reassurance that the agency is the one they would. When we call them, some key questions to ask include:

– How long they have used the maid service

– If they have had any complaints

– How did the maid service handle this?

– Can they enthusiastically recommend the maid service?

Employee hiring and screening

Employee reference is very important since we are looking for someone that we can trust and depend on. A good maid service should do criminal background checks and give their employees regular training for keeping them up to date. When hiring a maid service, reliability, cleaning knowledge, and most importantly criminal background checks are some of the things we should look for.

Bonding and insurance

Most people assume that the maid agency will carry the insurance and protection against thefts. However, this is not the case since most agencies assume that the client is covered from this with his or her own insurance policies. On the other hand, when our maid falls while cleaning or steals, our home policy might not be able to cover for the incident. Since our insurance is not always going to cover for all the situations, it is better to seek the services of a recognized agency that can assure us their employees are insured and bonded. For more details about hiring a maid in Singapore click here http://121personnel.com/our-services/.