South Boston Here I Come…

Dear friends,

One of my first memories after arriving in the parishes of Billerica was concelebrating daily Mass with Fr Shawn and Fr Marty. Fr Shawn presided and I preached the homily. There were only fifty or so people in the congregation but I was nervous, so nervous in fact I’m sure no one understood what I was saying—I wasn’t even sure what I was saying! Thankfully, you have always been kind and patient and because of that I have grown.

As was announced at the Masses this past weekend Cardinal Seán has appointed me, effective June 2, 2015, as Parochial Vicar for a new collaborative in South Boston. In this new assignment I’ll serve at Saints Monica and Augustine Parish, Saint Peter (Lithuanian) Parish, Saint Vincent de Paul Parish and the Seaport Chapel. Having gotten over the initial surprise, I’ve found the idea of leaving the parishes of Saint Andrew, Saint Mary and Saint Theresa of Lisieux difficult. I’ve forged many friendships here that will be with me for years to come. However, I hope you will share my excitement as I begin to take up the challenges and opportunities that ministering to the people of South Boston will bring.

When I was in the seminary I used to think the priest was the one who did all of the teaching, but now I know better and I am grateful. The lessons I’ve learned here in Billerica have been of great benefit to me and will no doubt benefit the people I’ll serve in the future. Since I won’t be moving to “Southie” until June 2nd I look forward to making the most of the next month with you!

Please keep me in your prayers during this time of transition.

God’s blessings,
Fr Souza

This letter appears in the bulletins of the Billerica parishes this weekend.

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  1. Mj & Mike says: Reply

    We’ll miss you. We’re not happy campers. It seems we get close to our priests and they’re ripped away. We hope you’ll visit time to time… although it looks like you’re going to be super busy. Thank you for your blessings and friendship, FR.

  2. Debbie says: Reply

    Fr Gerald since you arrived I was doing my biggest journey of my life you made me feel better in my lowest times and I hope you read my letter to cancer I wish god’s blessing where ever god sends you I will always look at your blog it puts a smile in my face

  3. Jaye Russo says: Reply

    We will miss you in Billerica!! See you around the Archdiocese!

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