What Saint Scholastica’s Prayer Teaches Us…

Saints Benedict and Scholastica
Saints Benedict and Scholastica

This morning I was reading a story from the life of Saint Scholastica as retold by Saint Gregory the Great. It went something like this: Saint Scholastica’s custom was to make a yearly visit to her brother, Saint Benedict. They would talk about spiritual things and be filled with joy. On her last visit to her brother, Saint Scholastica wanted the conversation to continue, but Saint Benedict thought it needed to end so that he could return to his cell in the monastery. Not happy her brother’s resolve to depart, Saint Scholastica prayed to God. While Saint Scholastica prayed a violent storm broke out which prevented her brother from leaving so that their spiritual conversation could be continued.

Saint Gregory the Great surmises that Saint Scholastica’s prayer was heard because she had more love for God than her brother—at least at that moment. The lesson for us is clear: if we want our prayers to be answered more readily by God, then love for him needs to increase.

Lord, make us love you more!

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    I need to sit in silence with prayer more.

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