Plymouth Harbor and the 3 types of piety

This week’s YouTube message, filmed from the kayak on Plymouth Harbor…

Drawing from Matthew 22:15-21 (this weekend’s Gospel), I try to draw the distinction among the three types of piety.

What do you think about the readings from Holy Mass this weekend?

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  1. contemprisma says: Reply

    What did I think about the readings? (1) I saw how God uses whomever He needs as His instruments. In the First Reading, God uses the Pagan King, Cyrus to rebuild Israel. This I connected to God using Saul, the persecutor of Christians, to become Paul, the evangelizer.
    (2) This reading tells us how to live the Gospel. Interesting, that when giving the three virtues, hope is last.
    (3) This Gospel about giving Caesar his due is good to talk about piety, like you did. We have three allegiances to honor.

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