Cultivated by the Good Gardner

By M Tullottes (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
In Luke 8:4-15 Our Lord tells and explains the parable of the sower. An initial question each of us should ask ourselves in reaction to this parable is: what sort of soil am I? Then we would do well to consider how we can become better soil. Perhaps we have rocks which need to be removed from our souls, or we could do with some fertilizer to fortify us. However, what we do isn’t as important as what we let the Lord do to us. Jesus makes rich soil, not us. We become rich soil by being cultivated by our loving Lord. When we allow ourselves to be worked in the good Gardener’s hands we are made ready for a rich harvest!

How do see Our Lord cultivating you? What is he saying to you in today’s readings?

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