What are you nourished by: meat, milk, or plastic fruit?


At Mass today we hear Saint Paul note how he fed the Corinthians with “milk, not solid food” because they were not yet ready to receive it (1st Corinthians 3:2). Whether it is recognized or not, every person is on a spiritual journey. The goal of this journey is communion with the Blessed Trinity in heaven. Of ourselves, we are not strong enough or smart enough to find our way to heaven. This is why God strengthens us with his grace and teaches us through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. God’s teaching is beneficial to every person, but it needs to be given in a way which allows them to receive the most nourishment from it. Babies receive nourishment from milk and then as they grow from meat. In the same way there comes a point in our spiritual lives when we need more than milk to survive. My sense is that many people feel unnourished by what they experience in parishes and in people of faith. This isn’t because God’s word is deficient, but because our presentation of it is. Very often, because we fear rejection or giving offense, we don’t share all the demands of following Jesus. This is tantamount to withholding both meat and milk and it doesn’t do anyone any favors (ourselves included). Failing to proclaim the demands of discipleship to someone is like trying to feed them with plastic fruit! Remember: God generously shares his grace and teaching with us so we must be generous in sharing it with others.

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    This is awesome and great food for thought!

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