“The Lord is just in all his ways” & Our Response to Suffering

Early morning sun at Saint Andrew's, Billerica
Early morning sun at Saint Andrew’s, Billerica

At Mass today we sing with the psalmist: “The Lord is just in all his ways” (Psalm 145:17). These words are always true; God is always just. However, sometimes it hard for us recognize it when we consider the myriad of evils which are present in the word, especially those which affect us. Who hasn’t experienced a sudden calamity, the loss of loved one, the loss of a job, the loss health, or any of the other trials that come to us as a fact of life. In the face of such upsets the temptation to lash out at God is a real one. Nonetheless, it is a theological truth that all of the sufferings in the world are a result of sin, original or personal; in the garden before the fall there was no suffering. Now suffering is a part of the human condition. Through works of charity we certainly try to minimize suffering, but when they befall us we need to face them with a Christian spirit. If we respond with love, then we will continually see that “the Lord is just in all his ways.”

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