“Herod feared John” (Mark 6:20). But why?

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A curious line from Mark 6:20: “Herod feared John.” Herod had wealth and political influence, yet he still feared John the Baptist—even when John was bound in his prison! This should serve to remind us of the power of truth, whether it is the truth about marriage (which John preached) or anything else. If we don’t live in accordance with the truth, then the truth is a fearful thing; fearful because it exposes our emptiness and shame. Even though Herod had John killed the indictment of Herod’s conscience didn’t go away. Repentance and conversion are the only remedy to a guilty conscience. If you and I remain faithful to the truth, as did Saint John the Baptist, then we can be sure that we will live forever with him in the Kingdom—even if it means we have to endure suffering and persecution.

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