“It is I who deal death and give life.” -Deuteronomy 32:39

With regards to the Responsorial Psalm, today is atypical. Strictly speaking, we do not have a Psalm at all; we have a canticle from Deuteronomy 32:35-41 (a canticle is a poetic scriptural genre meant to be sung). This canticle takes the form of a sermon spoken in God’s own words. We respond to the verses with God’s own words: “It is I who deal death and give life” (from verse 39). Our echo of divine words should remind us that the lives we live are not our own. They are, as it were, on loan for a time from God. What we do with them, however, is up to us: we can choose life or death. Life means living in accordance with the Divine Plan. Remembering that everything we have ultimately belongs to God should inspire us to be generous–more generous with our time, talents, and money. In this way we will be sure to give back to God what is already his!

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