Memorial of Saint John Vianney 2014

Today the Church celebrates the feast of a saint to whom I have a particular affinity, Saint John Vianney, the patron of parish priests. Please pause for a moment and ask for St John Vianney’s intercession for me that I may be an effective and loving parish priest. In today’s Gospel we hear the account of when the apostles were at sea and Our Lord walked on water. Peter got out of the boat and walked for as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus. When Peter took his eye off of Jesus he became frightened, plunged into the water and began to drown. The same thing happens to us. As long as we are focused on Our Lord we are safely on the path to heaven. When we look elsewhere, however, our spiritual lives rapidly begin to sink. Nonetheless, we should never lose hope because, as he was for Peter, Jesus is always there with his outstretched hand to lift us up!

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