Taking Offense & Receiving Correction (Matthew 13:57)

Matthew 13:57 says the people of Nazareth rejected Jesus because “they took offense at him.” Matthew records that the people refused to receive Jesus’ teaching on account of his humble and unimportant beginnings (which they shared with him). It seems to me, that they tried to underline this ill-feeling by calling him the “carpenter’s son.” Since Our Lord was about thirty at this time, surely he merited to be called a carpenter in his own right? Perhaps it wasn’t Jesus’ low birth that made the people of Nazareth take offense. More likely, Our Lord’s preaching exposed their own sinfulness and lack of faith so that in their hardness of heart they refused to repent. You and I need to be quick to receive correction for, as Psalm 141:5 says, “if a wise man strikes or reproves me it is kindness.” The proper response to receiving correction is to say “thank you” and not to take offense. When we do this we are made holy and able to see Our Lord’s mighty deeds.

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