Saturday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time 2014

In the Responsorial Psalm this morning we sing: “Do not forget the poor, O Lord!” God has special love for the poor. We, ourselves, should manifest our love for the poor by what we say and what we do. Caring for and loving the poor is not optional. Our Lord says as much in Matthew 25:31-46 as does the Letter to the Hebrews 13:1-3. We have to be careful of making the mistake to think that the poor are only those with limited financial resources. Included in the poor is any person who is in a state of suffering. The poor and marginalized are often looked over because it is not usually convenient to be with someone in their suffering. We need to leave our comfort in order to show mercy and be in solidarity with our poor brothers and sisters. Lord, make us friends of the poor!

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