Some (brief) thoughts on Today’s Readings

There is quite the juxtaposition in today’s readings at Holy Mass. In the first reading we see Susanna, falsely accused of committing adultery, set free and her perjurious accusers put to death. The prophet Daniel rebuked one of the elders who falsely accused Susanna saying, “Lust has subverted your conscience” (Daniel 13:56). For the reason we need to remember that purity protects against a host of spiritual maladies. Sin is not content to stay where it is. Sin’s nature is to grow worse and bigger. By practicing purity we stamp out sin at it roots.

In the Gospel, we see Jesus forgive an adulterous woman, while her ill-willed accusers depart in shame. The message for us should be clear: the devil and the world accuse and threaten, but Our Lord forgives. Anyone who would dissuade a person from making a good confession is like the devil or malicious crowds. Not only does confession remove sin, but it also strengthens one’s virtues. So let us run to receive Our Lord’s mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation!



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