40 way to Evangelize though the Internet (part 2)

The second portion of 40 Ways to Evangelize the Internet includes 10 things to do and 10 things to not do. The first 20 can be found here. So as to not begin or end on a negative note, I sandwiched the things to avoid.

Mother, guide our actions!
  1. Read magisterial documents from the Vatican website.
  2. Forgive people who make hurtful comments to you online.
  3. Use Amazon affiliate links from Catholic websites to support their mission.
  4. Connect with fellow parishioners and community members through social media.
  5. Give condolences and sympathy to people who post their problems.
  6. Avoid websites and pages that peddle gossip.
  7. Never look at internet pornography.
  8. Avoid websites that peddle crude humor and off-color jokes.
  9. Never insult someone or use a slur online.
  10. Never “like” a comment or post that is morally objectionable.
  11. Never click on advertisements that play to people’s base desires.
  12. Avoid being drawn into Facebook/Twitter conversations are not cordial.
  13. Don’t “unfriend” someone to make a point.
  14. Don’t behave differently online than you would in person.
  15. Don’t criticize publicly when you can correct privately.
  16. Share the status updates, photos, memes of others when they would be helpful to others.
  17. Place a crucifix or holy image near your computer.
  18. Practice custody of the eyes even when using legitimate websites.
  19. Retweet the worthy tweets of others.
  20. Offer to help with your parish’s social media and webpage.

Next week I will combine both parts of the lists with some comments and examples of the 40 ways to evangelize through the internet. Be sure to check back!

What did I miss? Do you have any great ideas of how to evangelize through the internet?

Please share them in the comments!

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