40 Ways to Evangelize Through the Internet (part 1)

This list got away from me a little bit; it started as a top ten. The first half is below, the second half will follow on Friday. There are 30 do’s and 10 don’ts.

Question to ask before going online: how is this time going to bring myself or others closer to Jesus?

At baptism each of us was anointed priest, prophet and king. This Christian identity cannot hide behind the screen of a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Each of us must do our part as a follower of Christ. Our baptismal call and identity leads us to sanctify the internet as a priestproclaim God’s message as a prophet, and govern our use of the internet as a king. Our threefold identity calls us to use the internet being an ideal tool for evangelization. Evangelization is everybody’s business. Before looking outward to others, every soul must first encounter Christ and be evangelized himself. The following are ways by which a person could evangelize the internet.

  1. Pray before going online.
  2. Develop of list of Catholic websites to check out regularly for inspiration and encouragement.
  3. Subscribe to the Vatican’s English language YouTube channel.
  4. Read the daily Mass readings.
  5. Friend or follow bishops/priests/evangelizers on social media.
  6. “Check in” at parishes you attend Mass at.
  7. Develop a blogroll of Catholic bloggers to read regularly.
  8. Share a favorite point from a homily or scripture reading.
  9. Keep tabs on Pope Francis.
  10. Tithe” your status updates, likes, tweets, and posts so that at least 10 percent are given to God as faith-based.
  11. Share your personal story of how you came to know, love, and serve Our Lord.
  12. Pray for others whose posts lead you to believe that they are in need.
  13. Publicly mention the encouragement you received from other’s posts.
  14. Always like or favorite something that you consider helpful to the spiritual life.
  15. Comment on other people’s posts with encouragement/ support.
  16. Make use of Catholic news websites to stay apprised of happenings in the Church.
  17. Use Catholic apps on your smartphone.
  18. Practice the corporal works of mercy through online giving.
  19. Gently correct errors on faith or morals in online discussions.
  20. Use content filters to protect one’s family and oneself from internet filth.

Don’t forget to check back on Friday for the rest of the list!
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