Interesting points from The Mass of the Roman Rite by Joseph Jungmann, SJ

The Mass of the Roman Rite Volume 1

I mentioned awhile ago that I’m slowly making my way through Joseph Jungmann’s The Mass of the Roman Rite. I’ve taken the tortoise’s approach in reading this book: slow and steady (about two pages per day). I’ve used certain feast days and holidays as benchmarks to chart my progress. My projected completion when I begun the book was June 4, 2014. Currently, I’m about a week ahead of schedule, on page 314. I projected being on page 312 for Ash Wednesday. For the last two hundred pages or so I’ve used an index card as a bookmark. I jot page numbers of things particularly interesting on it. Last night I filled up both sides of the index card. As we approach Lent, I’m going to try to post about a few of the scribbles on the index card (if they still seem interesting!). These posts should be brief and will do little justice to topics of great importance.

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