Twenty-two foot Crucifix returns to the Lourdes Grotto at the Franco-America School in Lowell, MA.


Yesterday, I was happy to watch as the newly restored twenty-two foot Crucifix was placed back atop the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes at the Franco American School in Lowell, Massachusetts. The cast-iron corpus is about a hundred years old. St Andrew’s parishioner, Kevin Roy, has done great work in the restoration and preservation of sacred art there and elsewhere.


Kevin told me about his work on the corpus. He noted how there is an opening in the back of the corpus where bees had gotten in and made their home. During the restoration process he removed five gallons of honey the hollow statue. With a chuckle, Kevin said, “How sweet Jesus is!”



Lowell Sun photojournalist David Brow is seen here snapping photos

David Brow, a photojournalist with the Lowell Sun, was present to photograph as the Crucifix was place back atop Our Lady’s Grotto. His work appeared front page, above-the-fold in today’s Lowell Sun. My phone photos appear on this page. Brow’s professional photographs can viewed in today’s Lowell Sun, here, or on his YouTube video embedded below.


Sacred art is an important medium that each of us needs to spur devotion, enliven our imagination, and remind us of God’s presence. Sacred art has a place in every home. May each of us use sacred art to lift our minds to God.

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