Alumni Night at Saint John’s Seminary

On Friday evening I had the pleasure of Returning to St John’s Seminary for the annual alumni night. It was great to see many of my friends there who are still in studies. Also I met some fellow alumni who have been ordained over sixty years! You might remember that my classmates and I were there last week for the newly-ordained Mass.

The night began with a Holy Hour and sung vespers in the beautiful chapel. It was nice to pray where myself and so many other priests have prayed many times before. Below are two pictures of the chapel that I snapped while we were leaving.

IMG_1198 IMG_1199The Seminary put out a great spread for us.

IMG_1190All of us agreed that we didn’t eat like that while we were there!

IMG_1192Some people say that the Refectory (cafeteria) reminds them a bit of the Great Hall in Hogwarts.

IMG_1197They had many pictures on display of the ordination classes from throughout the years. Some people said I look a bit like one of the priests ordained in 1924.

IMG_1195I don’t see it!

Don’t forget to pray for an increase of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life!

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