Is Pope Francis Pro-Life?

Is Pope Francis pro-life? I think this homily answers that question.

Reminder: we don’t get theology from sound bytes, movies, or the media.

If you want the authentic teaching of the faith look at the Catechism–not sound bytes. Catholic teaching can’t be encapsulated by the caricatures of newspapers, pundits, or Facebook posts.


Open your heart to life!  Because the egoism of death, the egoistic culture of death, is like the weed in the field, that weed, that grass or black weed, or that hemlock, is growing, it is invading and kills the trees, kills the fruit, kills the flowers, kills life.  The weeds.  Remember that once Jesus spoke of that.  He said: “When the seed is life, it falls in the middle of the weeds, and the thorns choke it, ” the thorns of egoism, of the passions, of wanting everything for one’s self.  Life is always giving, gives itself, and it is costly to care for life. Oh how it costs! It costs tears.

Hat tip to Robbe Lyn Sebesta over at Catholic Stand for sharing the transcript of Pope Francis’ 2005 homily.

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  1. Thank you Father! I differ the hat-tip to the Mercedarians, but appreciate the acknowledgement!

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