Christians continue to suffer in the Middle East #prayforpeace

While unfortunate sound of war drums beats in American media, the plight of Christians living in the Middle East remains unchanged. I just came across this article from the Associated Press which notes the humiliation Christians are suffering in an Egyptian town which is outside government control. See pictures here.

The situation in Syria is the same: the absence of government results in the persecution of Christians. See this video of Islamic rebels (linked to Al Qaeda) attacking a predominately Christian village.

Please read the related article: Al Qaeda-Linked Rebels Attack Christian Village Where Aramaic–Language of Christ–Still Spoken. Our military should not be used to support the aims of these terrorist groups.

Military intervention in Syria can only result in more lawlessness and loss of life, especially towards our fellow Christians.

Please contact your elected officials and tell them to not support military interventions in Syria.

Please raise awareness to the plight of Christians living in the Middle East.

Please pray and offer sacrifices for peace and the welfare of Christians living in the Middle East.


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  1. Debbie says: Reply

    My heart goes out to all the innocent people. And children who are getting killed with this violence let there be peace on earth and hatred gone let all of us pray Hail Mary and our father together

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