Answering a question with a question… A Christlike approach to #evangelization?

I just came across this interesting factoid in Forming Intentional Disciples: the Path to Knowing and Following Jesus:

In the New Testament, Jesus asked 183 questions, gave 3 answers, and answered 307 questions with a question in return like a true rabbi.

Perhaps in our approach to evangelization we need to ask more questions and give fewer answers. This doesn’t mean that we give up on apologetics–it means we need to do a better job cultivating curiosity in the Lord with those whom we meet. Sometimes giving a straight answer can snuff out the flame of curiosity (this is especially true with regard to “loaded-questions”). Perhaps we would do better to give responses that elicit further thought or provoke greater interest. I had a teacher who used to say, “Let me answer you by asking you this.” Every time Our Lord answered someone it was an invitation for them (and us) to enter, or enter deeper into, the Divine Friendship.

Each of the Truths of the faith are saving truths. Saving truths are not only true in and of themselves, but for us they lead to salvation and communion with the Blessed Trinity. Teachings of the magisterium of the Church are not isolated opinions that change with the times–they are expressions of the good that God wills all people to have. Finally, we need to recognize that the Church’s moral teachings are not arbitrary constrictions on a person’s freedom; the Church’s moral teachings make a person more free!

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  1. Debbie says: Reply

    It’s very sad for what is happening in this world today but I trust and faith in god to help us through this

  2. I ask questions constantly in 6th grade catechism. The kids learn better; they like class better; they like having to think.

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