Dialogue and negotiation are the only solution to violence in Syria. -Pope Francis and King Abdullah of Jordan

This article came out of Reuters a few days ago:  Pope, Jordanian king agree dialogue ‘only option’ in Syria. Also, check out the official bulletin of the meeting from the Holy See (English translation is at bottom).

The king and the pontiff “reaffirmed that the path of dialogue and negotiations among all components of Syrian society, with the backing of the international community, is the only option to end the conflict and the violence that each day cause the loss of so many human lives, most of all among the defenseless population“, the Vatican said in a statement.

          –From Reuters

I believe military intervention will exasperate the climate of lawlessness in Syria resulting in more harm to Christians living there and elsewhere in the Middle East. Join me in sending letters to our elected officials asking that our nation not to resort to military intervention.

Don’t forget to check out the action items: How can you stand with Christians in the Middle East?

It seems that both the situation inside of Syria and the political currents elsewhere are constantly changing. Let’s not forget that there are real Christians in the Middle East who need our solidarity. We must stand with them because they are the most marginalized.

Tomorrow: parish bulletin article on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

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