Loving God and loving neighbor is the Church’s mission.

In today’s Gospel, Our Blessed Lord names the two greatest commandants: love God and love neighbor. Love of God and love of neighbor should always go together. Loving God and loving neighbor is the goal of the Christian religion. All of the Church’s activity tends toward this goal: her liturgy, her administration of the Sacraments, all of her teachings and works of mercy. We see this in the ministry of the popes, especially in the recent words of Pope Francis.

I was happy to offer Mass today with retired Boston priest, Father John Connolly.


Father Connolly has been trying to teach me Portuguese–an Irishman trying to teach Portuguese to a Souza sounds like the beginning of a joke! After Mass today we had our first session and he even gave homework! And I thought this was going to be the first end of summer without a beginning of school…

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