Phone Photos: Exploring #Billerica Concord River by the Faulkner Mill.



I’ve noticed that there are a lot of rivers in Billerica. I was thinking of getting a kayak to explore them, but this find has me rethinking that idea–I wouldn’t want to go over!

The Concord River by the Faulkner Mill.

2013-06-16 15.24.23


2013-06-16 15.25.26

2013-06-16 15.27.03


I think in canoeing they would consider this a definite place to portage.

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  1. Matt says: Reply

    Plenty of places prior to Faulkner Mill for kayaking! I have been researching this for my father and found a put-in by 225 in Bedford. From there you can head up stream to Concord or downstream to Billerica. Just get out before the waterfall!!

    1. Father Gerald Souza says: Reply

      Matt, thanks for the first comment and the tip! I will post something the first time I make it out onto the rivers of Billerica. But, that might take some time. -Fr Gerald

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