Memorial of St. Barnabas

St. Barnabas was set apart by the Holy Spirit for a special work. Before beginning the work which the Lord had set before him he finished his fasting and prayer. The Lord sets all sorts of works before us as means of our sanctification and service to him. Mostly, these are the tasks of ordinary life. Provided that they are completed with a Christian spirit, they help lead us to God. Occasionally, one is called to undertake more extraordinary works at the behest of the Lord. The only way for us to be ready for everything is to be attuned to the movements of the Spirit by prayer. Prayer is our spiritual life-blood. Without prayer, we become stale in the Lord’s service. With prayer, our light will shine brightly before others. This light flows over into good deeds which other see and allows them glorify our heavenly Father.

See the Mass Readings for today, especially Acts 13:3 and Matthew 5:16.

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